Why Vicenails.co.uk?

Why Vice?

Both if you're new to Gel Polish, or a seasoned Professional. If you're a business or a home user. We think that Vice can offer your more. Here's how:

Incredible Value

We give you really low prices. All the time. And incredible offers (like the 3 for $20) to help you build up your collection for less. How do we do it? We're a small, agile business, running a lean operation. We're aiming for volume by selling the product at a reasonable price and hoping that people will buy, recommend and return to buy more.  

Stunning quality

Once you've applied your Vice Nails and seen the finish. You'll know what we mean. An absolutely top end manicure for astonishing value. 

Product Innovation

We make sure the name of every colour is clearly shown on the bottle, although Gel Polish needs to be in 'non-see -through' bottles, we've found a way to show the colour inside by using an innovative colour swatch on the cap. (Which can be seen from the side or the top). 

Range Innovation

Our standard Top Coat is a Non-Wipe. (No tacky layer to save you time), we've just introduced a Rubber Base Coat which allows flex for people who's nail's take a lot of knocks. We've got Matte Top Coat and huge amount of colours. We're running at over 250 in the UK and there are more and more coming to the US. Whatever trend is coming in Gel Nail Polish, we'll make sure we are there first.

Customer Support

We have real, technical support people dealing with any issues. People with experience of using the product and a team that really cares about any issues and goes the extra mile. We're informal, reasonable and human. We simply want you to be 100% pleased with the product that you buy from. Test us. We'll prove it.