Why Gel Polish?

Why Gel Polish?

Gel Polish lasts much much longer than a standard Nail Lacquer. The latest products, like Vice, are simple to use, extremely cost-effective and offer a stunning, high gloss, hard wearing, 2-week shine. At least. Most of our customers only need change when the nail grows too much!

It's easy to get going

You need a lamp (the UV light, cures - or hardens) the gel polish. And you need a Top and Base Coat. That's it, apart from your colour. You only need one lamp, and the Top and Base Coat last for a while. It's really simple.

It's simple to apply

If you're completely new to it, the hardest bit is knowing what order and what products you need. But don't worry about that with Vice. We sell kits which are perfect for getting the right products. And we email you with an instruction video and lots of tips after your first order. We promise, it's as easy as using standard nail polish, but with a few quick extra steps. 

It looks fantastic

By using super high-quality pigments and combining the colour with a high gloss top coat, your nails look both stunning and vibrant. With such a range of colours of accessories, you can get just the look you want - and be confident that it will last. 

It can save money

Versus a Professional Manicure, you can almost set up your entire home Gel Nail Polish kit for the price of one expensive professional application. Don't compromise on how they look, how they last or what choice you have. Just work smarter. Versus other brands. Vice simply offers more for your money. Better pricing, better range, better features and better offers. Get more for less with Vicenails.com. Let us prove it to you.

Want to see it in action?

We have a fab social wall which picks up some of the pictures that our customers have uploaded to social media. Importantly, these aren't our images, they are customers images taken live from Social Media sites. Customers taking pictures on phones isn't always a great way to showcase your brand, but we're enourmously proud of the following we've built up in such a short time - we hugely appreciate the effort from every single customer who has posted. No matter how blurry, what's in the background or how skilled they are! Vice is for everyone. Click the button below to check it out.